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The Glasgow High School Educational Trust was established in 1964 by alumni of the Class of 1938. In the year 2000, the original trustees retired and a second generation of Scotties assumed management of the trust. Several of these new trustees are related to the founders and had been participating in the trust's activities for many years.

The purpose of the trust is to grant financial aid to GHS graduates in their pursuit of higher education. Since its inception, the trust has made financial gifts to hundreds of different students. Many of these students have received multiple gifts over the course of their academic career. The total value of these gifts to date is $2,529,500.00.

 This picture was in the 1962 annual. From left to right, they are Janice Rorvik, Jacque Peters, and Nina St.Clair.The trust later began making financial gifts to GHS to help purchase equipment and enrichment programs that would benefit all students and the community at large. Every department of the school has received gifts over the years for specific needs. The amount of these gifts now totals $250,629.06.

Gifts of cash, stock, and real estate from many faithful supporters in Glasgow and across the country have built the trust's corpus to over $9.5 million dollars. The interest on these gifts is awarded by the trustees through a semi-annual application process.

All Glasgow High School graduates who have completed one year of college or one semester of trade school, are in good academic standing, attending full-time (12 semester credits minimum) either or campus or online, and showing steady progress toward completion of a degree or certification are encouraged to apply.  The application, which lists other requirements that must be met, must be completed properly, thoroughly, and submitted on time to be considered.  Financial need has always been a primary consideration; therefore, the trust has established levels of support to meet students' diverse needs, and it distributes the funds available accordingly.  Students may reapply for additional aid for a total of eight semesters if they meet all of the eligibility requirements. 

Application deadlines are July 1st and October 15th of each year. Awards made at the summer meeting are for both semesters of the upcoming school year while those made at the fall meeting are for the spring semester only. Recipients are always reminded that these gifts should encourage them to return the favor by donating to the trust when they are able to do so.  No gift is too small.

Whenever the trust receives donations in memory, honor, or recognition of a specific individual or family that equal $500 in value, a gift to a student or to GHS in made in honor, memory, or recognition of that person. Donations of $10,000 entitle the donor to an ongoing naming opportunity on a regular basis.. 

The Glasgow High School Educational Trust is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization designated as a 509(a)(1) public charity. 



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